• A chat with artist Coco Capitán

  • Dinner with designer Matthew Adams Dolan

    At The Paris Cafe New York

  • Lunch with artist Diego Perrone

    At his home in Milano

  • Breakfast with architect Umberto Riva

    at his atelier in Milano

  • Skype call with artists collective Alterazioni Video

  • Dinner with designers Cecilia Federico and Rosita Giammarino

    At Armani Nobu Milan

  • Coffee with Nigel Peake & Benoit-Pierre Emery

    At Museo della Permanente Milano

  • Dinner with designer Prisca Vera Franchetti

    At Dim Sum Go Go East Broadway New York

  • Coffee with Hella Jongerius and Massimo Orsini

    at Mutina HQ Fiorano Modenese

  • Breakfast with designer Marco Zanini

    At Pasticceria Cucchi Corso Genova Milano

  • A chat with legendary director Tinto Brass

  • Dinner with designer Julien Dossena

    At Ristorante Da Giacomo via Pasquale Sottocorno Milano

  • Aperitivo with musician Francesco Bianconi

    At The Botanical Club Via Pastrengo 11 Milan

  • Lunch with iconic photographer Harri Peccinotti

    At La Gavroche rue Saint-Marc Paris